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    Mathis P
    15 февраля 2018
    К этому отзыву комментариев нет.
    Gerald Klösch
    24 января 2018
    It's a quiet and peaceful place, nice people around and the cook dishes fantastic meals.
    9 декабря 2017
    The property is in a beautiful position overlooking the whole beach at Lobitos! The staff are friendly and very helpful.
    11 ноября 2017
    great for surf trips
    The beds were to old, the matres was terrible for my back
    since it is above a little mountain, you can see straight to the surf point of lobitos and piscinas, general and others around the place.
    30 октября 2017
    The view was amazing, with lots of places to hang out and enjoy it. Also the paintings on the walls and the friendly cats were great.
    26 октября 2017
    К этому отзыву комментариев нет.
    14 октября 2017
    Gorgeous view, extremely relaxing porch, affordable prices, kind staff, art: a beach paradise!!
    The issues with water were unfortunate but part of living in a desert. It was pretty cool and innovative how the hostel manages to provide enough water! The town nearby, but not the hostel itself, has problems with sewage.
    Soft beds, excellent staff, beautiful view, very affordable, small library, hammocks, quiet and gorgeous colonial mansion
    Peter Ďurko
    25 июня 2017
    Great vibes, amazing view.
    No kitchen.
    The view is absolutely amazing and the volunteers create homey atmosphere. Walking distance to some of the Perú's best surf spots. The hostel also has a restaurant and sells some drinks.
    Very disappointing
    3 марта 2017
    We were clearly an inconvenience to the staff's socialising. The staff were only concerned with themselves and not hospitable in the least, which did not make for a welcoming environment. Rooms were big but hot and the shower was a hose which was barely enough to rinse your body of the salt water. I would not recommend this hostel to anyone.
    Location is good for the surf breaks if they are working. The balcony is nice but the positives stops there.
    17 октября 2016
    Great location for surfers.
    18 сентября 2016
    Not stay here, a lot better around!
    This, by far, is one of the worst hostels I have ever encountered in my travels of backpacking around the world over the past 4 years. There photos are deceiving, it allows you to believe that it is a quaint hostel with rustic rooms but no, I would HIGHLY advise you look elsewhere, the single only thing this place has to offer is a nice view from outside, and that is all. For one this is terrible value for money because you are paying for literally nothing besides a mattress I.e. there are no functioning facilities or staff members that actually work or know what they are doing. There is no atmosphere, all the volunteers I encountered had no idea what they were doing, let alone had the time of day to try. It took half an hour to check in or check out or even add a beer to the bill. It seems as if there is no one who actually runs this venue, just a bunch of volunteers bumming around because its free and they don't have to do any thing. In the dorm room which was costing me 13$ US a night, there was no power or lighting, no running water, no functioning toilets, definitely no warm or hot water, no PowerPoints that work, no WiFi in the building that works (literally none), the supposed restaurant barely ever opens and if it does its whenever it wants serving very dismal options for a ridiculous price, guests aren't allowed to use the kitchen, our dorm room windows were smashed so there was a gale coming through our room all night freezing us cold. We intended to stay a lot longer but quickly jumped ships after 2 nights at this place and found a beautiful cabana on the beach with functioning facilities and really nice staff and breakfast included for cheaper than what we were paying for nada. I highly recommend shopping around, it may seem like this is the only option in the small town of Lobitos but it really isn't. I am very passionately against this "hostel". - go elsewhere
    23 августа 2016
    This place is very run down. I'm guessing all the 10s come from the volunteers that get free rent here in exchange for time worked. No wifi. You will find a lot better in Lobitos
    Good location
    24 апреля 2016
    An honest opinion the chill zone
    Let me give you the low down on La Casona by telling you my experience: I emailed before arriving because I know that it was far from the next city and asked whether I should buy food in town or there. They told me to get it in town. Upon my arrival, I was shocked to find that the kitchen is only for volunteers and that guests can eat anything from the "menu". The menu is the same 3 dishes for lunch and dinner and each dish is 10-12 soles. Only one of these dishes is vegetarian (pasta with vegetables) If I did what Casona wanted, I'd have eaten the same dish 2 times a day and spend 20 soles daily on food. A completely unsustainable solution for many travellers. On top of this, the place is ran entirely by volunteers that hate working, so asking for anything is a big lift. In fact, volunteers enjoy far more rights in the house than guests. As they probably should, since they work for free essentially. I still refused to pay for food that people weren't being paid to make. Would I go to a restaurant that is run by volunteers? Maybe if it's a charity event, but when it comes down to my food I want the person to want to make it and receive proper compensation for it. The house manager enforces this separation between guests and volunteers with boring business lines. I gave away the food I got to some of the volunteers who then suggested I could eat with them. the house manager stopped this preposterous abuse of the stupid rules of the place immediately by telling me that I could buy pasta with vegetables. I totally couldn't afford to eat for that entire day because of my budget. If this wasn't enough, a friend came over to help unjam the zipper of my bag. He came over before he went surfing early in the morning. Presumably the house manager thought I'd brought him during the night which resulted in passive aggressive signs all over the house and her coming into my room unannounced twice at 7 in the morning.
    The house is beautiful and the location is amazing. A perfect spot to relax and enjoy the surfer vibes and the ocean.
    20 апреля 2016
    I loved Lobitos back just for staying at the Casona. I spent the day very comfortable with all of them volunteer service is m u are very good amables.Las amazing caipirinhas. The decoration!!! Perfect. Spacious rooms.
    20 апреля 2016
    I recommend it
    Since the entry into the Hostel, the attention of all members ( volunteers) was superb ; They do everything possible for everything to be perfect. The hostel has own restaurant co attention until evening. The rooms are perfectly entitled to spend a few days comfortably and quietly .
    20 апреля 2016
    The hotel has a very good beach location in Lobitos ( recommended for surfing ) . A one minute walk from the beach . Reconditioned facilities tastefully being a very good hotel. Volunteers gives added value , always attentive , polite and helpful with a great level of people from different parts of the world . The hostel has restaurant buffet breakfast until 12am !!!! I loved but i was too short stay.